Revealed: If You Took The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, This Will Sh0ck You.

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It was revealed that the Johnson and Johnson wants to do a booster trial in South Africa, after the company's first Covid-19 vaccine was used in a mass trial of almost half a million of health workers in South Africa. The trial will include participants from that study, known as Sisonke and could possibly begin in October, according to Glenda Gray, who is co-lead of the mass trial. 

It will add to a booster study in the country using Immunity-bio’s shot that has already began, scientists believe that a quarter of a million people have died from COVID-19 in South Africa. It has hosted vaccine trials for companies including Novavax, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and J&J, things are currently changing in the country is we are moving from the third wave but it is expected that things might get worse later this year.

 The president of the South African Medical Research Council, Gray said The planning to start administering posters in October during the time of the 4th wave. It has been reported that some of the world’s richest countries have started giving some of their citizens additional shots with the aim of making their immune system stronger, so that they can be able to fight against the virus several months after their initial inoculation, as the number of antibodies may wane.

The ImmunityBio’s trial is in its first phase, with approximately 50 participants, it is set to reach its third and final stage in October, with almost ten thousand people receiving doses. Some South African citizens are not taking this lightly, as they believe the government made the wrong decision by giving the new vaccine that is on trials. The vaccine has cuz the lord of chaos in the country as people do not know what to believe, especially coming from our government that is failing to take care of its people but when it comes to the person they are number one.

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