Borussia Dortmund are reportedly interested in Liverpool striker as Haaland's replacement

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Borussia Dortmund are reportedly interested in Divock Origi as Haaland's replacement in the summer.

He has scored some truly crucial goals at the right time. Personally, I haven’t seen enough of him to warrant Liverpool fighting to keep him. Jota is a better player but wow does Divock know when to score at the right time.

Though a lot of people are saying that the German Bundesliga giant Borussia Dortmund have not learnt anything from former Liverpool players Solanke and Brewster FLOPPING for crazy amount of money? Evidence is there. Do NOT buy their players. Liverpool will charge you a bomb for their outcasts.

The Belgium international striker, is somehow seen as Liverpool Cult hero that will never be forgotten but has looked disinterested whenever he’s played this season

Straight swop Origi for Haaland.

Huge value for Dortmund.

Personally, I'll say "It is not the trophies sportspeople crave. It is to lose their sense of the right thing as experienced when in the heightened state of flow"

A philosophical deep-dive into the nature of reality. The German bundesliga giant borussia Dortmund has identified the Belgium international striker Origi as a replacement for the Norwegian international striker Erling Haaland, in case he decides to move on.

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