Francisca Duncan Williams Mentors GTV's Pastor Selikem, She Got a Haircut and Her Book is Next. PICS


Maybe, anytime you here the name Acolatse in media and communications, it may well be traced to the late Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) journalism legend, Cyril Acolatse.

Veteran Broadcaster, Cyril Harry Kwasi Acolatse, had died at age 77. Mr. Acolaste worked with the national broadcaster, GBC Radio and GBC Television and among the programs he hosted on Ghana Television (GTV), were Focus, Searchlight, Insight, Topic, Talking Point and Public Concern.

He won the Outstanding Interviewer Award in 1989 and 1990. He was a former Vice President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and a former member of the National Media Commission (NMC) and in November 2013, the GJA honoured him with a Meritorious Award for his contribution to the journalism profession.

The late Acolatse rose to become the Assistant Director of Radio before his retirement and was the father of News Anchor and Host of Women’s Voice on GBC News, Selikem Acolatse Apaloo; Media Consultant and Broadcaster, Eyram Bashan; also a renowned journalist and now communications consultant.

Personally, it is interesting for both of them to have made a name for themselves in journalism practice in Ghana following after their dad's path, but when i chanced on this also, it became more fascinating for me than this impact in the journalism industry. Whereas both are into media consultations now and have resigned from on-screen anchoring programs, interestingly, both are serving the Lord in their various ways.

Eyram Acolatse (Now Mrs. Bashan) is the convener of Be Project organizers of The Hannah Call , which they say, "is God’s big national and global move that first begins with you and I! God’s rescue mission of our families, churches, neighborhoods, cities, nations actually starts with His awakening and equipping of His warrior! Even long after God’s deadline for exodus – the Jews were still trapped in bondage under Pharaoh’s cruelty because a warrior had yet not been released and sent forth! Immediately after Moses’ burning bush encounter with God, DELIVERANCE broke forth and set in motion and not even the best of Pharaoh’s arsenals and magic could stop the WARRIOR MOSES awakened and empowered from leading the Jews out of Egypt! Ready to be burned hot enough to flame up territories for God! Revival begins with you." according to its website. They have gone on to host revival services hosting mighty men of God from Nigeria to impact and prepare especially young women to be on fire for God.

Now lets focus on her biological sister, who is the subject of this post. Her introduction even into the media space was one interesting story, as GTV had put out an advert for news presenters and Seli's boss from Unique FM called her up and said: ‘look this is your big break.’ Her reply was, "I know this place and it is not going to be any different, I am going to face all the criticisms." But he encouraged her. she went through an English examination, essay writing, multiple choice questions — the toughest recruitment she had ever seen. They had interviews, and audition sessions. They were 100 and something and only 20 were picked out of that number.

Selikem was among the 20, eight were taken to television and the rest were taken to radio as news presenters, newscasters and that is how come she ended up in television. She went on to become a reporter, journalist, producer and even an anchor of her own show dubbed Women's Voices, a gender centered program that brought on leading female executives to share their excelling experiences and challenges with the view to encouraging others and also, celebrating their exploits on TV.

Selikem Acolatse Apaloo went on forward in other very important capacities to became the Content Producer of her show, ‘Women’s Voice’ on Ghana’s State Broadcaster, GBC24 and Ghana Television(GTV), she was also a News Editor, a News Anchor and Reporter at GTV. Selikem had hosted high profile events such as the GBC’s 2016 Election Presidential Encounters, National Presidential Debate for Election 2016 and National Policy Summit 2017, anchoring special assignments such as the Election Petition at the Supreme Court, Funeral of Late President Atta Mills, arrival of the remains of the late Poet Kofi Awoonor and the late BBC Broadcaster Komla Dumor, until her retirement on August 3rd, 2020.

Selikem has always attributed her successes, her achievements and her rise to stardom to God and her steadfastness in doing what is right and has severally challenged everyone, especially young females, not to let any circumstances derail them from staying true to godly principles and pressing on to their goals in life.

After her retirement, she has gotten herself immersed deeply in the service of God, and have started a ministry of her own known as the Seli Ministries. As part of his ministry, which is a para-Christian organization, she and her partners go on to the streets and minister the word and prayer to persons in a community and share food and water with them, especially in places where poverty is endemic. Written about her some weeks back, see those pics to attest to this

She has been at this actively for almost a year now and it was interesting to note that, the married woman of God and mother of three children, suddenly looks extra beautiful and ready to hang some old boots, just so she can do more of service to God and people and in s doing, she has chart a whole new fashion statement as well, as she has gone in for a beautiful hair cut. Personally, I am a big fan of all ladies, whether active in the corporate world or anywhere going for a haircut nice in a while, you can read my past write up on this

I must confess that, a whole new level of her beauty has been unveiled and in doing the work of God and serving people, she will be reflecting the unhidden glory of God, not just in her heart and destiny, but even more so in her fashion statement. And besides, once a good combing is done i seconds, she is good to go and minister, rather than spending hours washing, sitting in a drier, which can steal her time in studying the word or praying, etc.

Pastor Selikem has also written a book that will be launched soon and Mama Francisca Duncan-Williams will be gracing the special event with her presence. Already, she has been a source of great influence in her life. Selikem has been watching her from afar and learning, until her program on GTV afforded her the opportunity to sit next to her and interact with her and she was so excited about that experience. Mama Francisca herself, who is still active in the ministry after her divorce to the Archbishop and pastoring her own church and has been mentoring several young ministers must have opened her doors to Selikem as well and they have bonded ever since, making her choice of her to grace her book launch as a special one indeed and a great one.

Mama Francisca has gone through her own challenges after her divorce. In a video that had gone viral sometime back, when Oheneyere Gifty Anti celebrated her on her Standpoint TV show at Comments that followed her interview were interesting, as she had shared the challenges she went through after divorcing the nation's charismatic faith leader and how God has been behind it all, helping her to rise higher.

Selikem's yet to be launched book is titled "How God spoke to me" and in serializing what is to be expected in her Facebook posts, she writes that:

"What is God telling you? Are you even listening to God and what He is saying about why He created you? Or, are you too busy focusing your energies elsewhere? Understanding that God has a plan for every one means that, you can reach out to God in prayer in search of why He made you, and gradually, He will draw you closer to your purpose." She wrote.

She has also been emphatic, on how the monies realized will go a long way to advance her ministry's cause when she wrote that "The book, "How God Spoke To Me", is solely dedicated to the work that Seli Ministries is doing to raise funds for the medical needs of the less privileged. The story of Paa Kwasi, who developed cancer of the bone and has been seeking cancer treatment is the driving force for the sales of this book. The Ministry had been supporting Paa Kwasi who is the last of the 3 of his mother's children. Paa Kwasi lost his father 6 years ago and his mother, a hairdresser, could barely afford his hospital bills. Raising funds for Paa Kwasi's treatment has not been easy therefore, the strategy is to use proceeds from the book to help the family meet payment for the rest of the cycle of chemotherapy treatment which has currently stalled because of the lack of funds." she shared this anecdotal story on one of her posts.

Selikem is passionate about youth empowerment and has been a Speaker on several platforms including the African University College of Communication Conference on Branding 2015 and Creative Writing in 2017, the US Embassy Mentorship Program 2014, the Story of Our Lives Nationwide Mentorship Project for the Girl Child in 2015 & 2017 and the Start Up GH Sheroes conference in 2015.

Selikem was nominated as Best Female Television Presenter at the Radio and TV Personality Awards both in 2014 and 2015. She pursued an MA in International Relations and Development at an affiliate of the Institute of Diplomatic Practice, Nyansapo College. She holds a Degree in Psychology and Political science from the University of Ghana, a Diploma in Public Relations from the Institute of Commercial Management (UK) and a certificate in Broadcast Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Selikem is faith-driven, passionate about grooming young talents, a Social Change Advocate, a Personal development coach and a Women’s advocate.