" She Got It Wrong" || Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi Dragged For Wearing This Dress

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Date : 27 June 2022

Social media has been buzzing following the photo of Zozibini Thunzi that has been trending on social media. She is a South African model and entrepreneur who is loved worldwide . She was crowned miss South Africa and Miss Universe in 2019. She has been recorded as the person who held the title for a long time. She is such a beautiful and simple woman who motivates many people. She is a person who believes more on the power of education. She is focused on empowering the lives of young people in the country.

All she wants is to see young people being successful in life. During her reign as Miss Universe, she impacted positively on the lives of many people, that is why she has won the love of the world. Others see her as their role model, more especially those who have been bullied before as she is also a bullying victim. The photo that she wore at the Dstv viewers choice awards has left many people talking. This was a night to look beautiful and celebrities did get their assignment correct.

It was a night full of fashion where all looked stunning.Zozibini's dress that she wore at the awards was inspired by an American celebrity. She was turned into a laughing stock as people say that she did not get it right. People believe that she could have got herself another dress and saved herself from embarrassment. The fact that her dress is a bit different from the original one does not mean that she got it wrong.

It's possible that it's how she wanted her dress. People should refrain from being too judgemental and using social media to bully others. Social media is one of the things that people are using to attack others. It's like people forget that others have killed themselves because of the things that were being said about them. All people have the right to choose what they want and people should just respect each other's decisions. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

Source : https://twitter.com/Nonkulycis_01/status/1540748228047450113?s=19

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