Why Muslims And Christians Should Be Happy Over Gov El Rufai Move To Guide Religious Preaching

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Religious conflicts is one of the things that is causing insecurity in Kaduna state. Many children have lost their parents, people have lost their loved ones and many lives and properties have been destroyed because of religious crises.

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However, Governor El rufai have taken a bold step to tackle the issue of religious conflicts in Kaduna state.

According to Punchng.com, Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has inaugurated an Interfaith Preaching Regulatory Council to guide religious preaching in the state.

One of the mission of the pioneer members of this Interfaith Preaching Regulatory Council is to ensure that Christian and Muslims leaders do not trigger any preaching against people of opposite faith that will lead to religious crises in the state. They will also ensure Christians and Muslims are allowed to practice their faith with peace and harmony in the state without causing trouble with each other.

This special intervention by Governor El rufai is highly commendable as it will reduce religious violence in the state. The Interfaith Preaching Regulatory Council should ensure they implement their task and religious leader found guilty of breaking the law should not be left unpunished no matter his status in the state.

Due to the level of concerns over insecurity in the state, religious leaders in the mosque or church should stay away from hate speeches that will bring about violence, they should always preach to their members to always love and live peacefully with other people in their communities.

Other state in Nigeria where there are problems of religious conflicts should emulate what Governor El rufai is about to in order to reduce the crises between Christians and Muslims in their states.

Dear distinguished readers, what are your opinion over Governor El rufai Interfaith Preaching Regulatory Council to guide religious preaching in the state ?

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