It ended in roses, blood and tears.

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Today's episode left people shocked. People are praying that Lehasa must save pretty from this evil woman plan. She's the one who must remain behind bars.

Will Lehasa save pretty when he wakes up , because if he puts his fiance behind bars. She will tell everyone Lehasa family secrets.

What Skeen Saam writer is trying to teach us is really happening in reality. Many people are behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Skeen Saam is the top story which relates to reality.

Many people on social media do not want Khwezi to get away with this. She even managed to change the weapon of which made everyone on social media furious.

Viewers hope that Khwezi won't be able to go to the hospital to finish Lehasa of or they hope that Lehasa will wake up in a good state of mind so that he will tell who really stapped him.

Let's continue watching Skeen Saam.

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