“What Does Kikuyu Nation Want?” Leaders Speak on Uhuru Losing His Grip on His Mt Kenya Backyard


Questions have been raised by a few leaders whether President Uhuru Kenyatta is slowly losing his grip on the greater Mt Kenya region after suffering a few setbacks.

The latest being his Jubilee party losing in the Juja by-election to People’s Empowerment Party that is affiliated to Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria in his backyard.

Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir questioned what does Mt Kenya region want as some speculated that he was referring to the humiliation suffered by Uhuru in an area considered to be his backyard.

Kipkorir listed President Uhuru’s achievements in his backyard at a time when many have claimed the Mt Kenya region has failed him.

“What does Kikuyu Nation want? President Uhuru Kenyatta has embarked on Infrastructural development bigger than all of Presidents Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi & Mwai Kibaki. He is giving us most modern roads in Africa most of them in Central Kenya & Lamu Port bigger than Dar,” said Kipkorir.

Nairobi woman representative Esther Passaris however had a different view saying that President Uhuru is still in charge of the Mt Kenya region.

This is after former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando had claimed that Uhuru had lost his grip on Mt Kenya as he claimed that the region had good reasons to shift.

Passaris told Kabando that Mt Kenya has not shifted to any new camp adding that it is only President Uhuru who is the kingpin that can direct them.

“Jesus said we can move mountains. Figure of speech. Our actions speak louder than words. Last I checked the mountain had not moved. I can tell you for a fact it will not move. And if it does, than it will be in the direction that the President who leads the mountain people says,” Passaris said.

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