Family of Celebrated Top Actor, Maina Reveals What Caused His Sudden Death

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In the country, there are several top actors who are entertaining millions of Kenyans across all parts. Most of them are well known and have thousands of followers in both facebook and YouTube channels. Unfortunately, some have passed away after suffering for a short time.

According to the, new details have just emerged about the top celebrated actor, Maina Olwenya. As per the latest report share by his family, it has finally revealed that Maina Olwenya passed away after suffering hypertrophic cardiomyopaty. It has been explained by Mpasho that the hypertrophic cardiomyopaty condition happens when the heart muscle become thick making it difficult to pump the blood properly.

The family has encouraged all wellwishers to support them by fund raising to met 1million target. Also, his family has revealed that they will soon announce the burial date soon

The actor is well known in the country and his death shocked thousands of fans.

May his soul continue resting in peace . Let us come together and pray for his family during this difficult time.

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