“Answered Prayers” A Child Who Had Stage 4 Cancer Declared Healed

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Stage 4 cancer is sometimes referred to as metastatic cancer, because it often means the cancer has spread from its origin to distant parts of the body. This stage may be diagnosed years after the initial cancer diagnosis and/or after the primary cancer has been treated or removed.

Some years ago baby Imami was diagnosed with stage four cancer which left her parents and those around her shocked wondering if she would survive. They made public and private prayers asking God to intervene for her survival and also asked people to contribute for her treatment.

Today has been a great day after she has been declared free from cancer which left many thanking God. According to Mercy Masika she had the following to say.

“We Cried to God and he answered. We called on you to support And by God’s grace this baby Imani is healed totally. I can't explain the joy as she responded very well to treatment and was declared cancer free” she wrote.

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