Meet A University StudentWho Dropped Out In Order To Fund His Dog Business And now He Is Worth 800k


All desire to have good life's but sometimes we are unable because of one or more reasons. Some times we are forced to make tough decisions which leave our friends and family members surprised. We all do this as a skill for survival.  

A young man who goes by the name #eldoretfinest has surprised many after he revealed that he owns dogs which are worth 800 thousand.

In his tweet to Jalas and Kamene Goro , He revealed that he dropped out of university in order to start his business of dogs breeding 3 years ago and now owns many dogs. 

"When i started my hustle 3 years ago of breeding and training dogs most people never believed in me, even my family thought i was mad, i even dropped out of university to push my hustle, now am owning dogs worth more than 800k #KameneAndJalas" He stated.

let us all keep on hustling for a better tomorrow.