3 Lessons Women Should Learn From The Story Of 22-Yr-Old Pregnant Woman That Killed Her Husband


3 Lessons ladies ought to gain from story of 22-year-old pregnant lady who murdered her significant other Because Of Side-Chicks In Ughelli, Delta State. 

The information on the 22-year-old pregnant lady who killed her better half over extra conjugal issues has been making adjusts via online media for certain days now. 

However, at that point, very much like each and every other life occasions, we should have the option to take in a couple of things from it, so as not to commit a similar error others made. 

The pregnant lady, Faith Okiemute killed her significant other, Edafe Unuakpor, in the home at Ekrejebor pivot of Ughelli neighborhood government territory of Delta State, on Monday 15 March, 2021. 

Reports had it that she utilizes a cleaver to cut his hand and afterward utilized it on his midsection also prior to escaping to a police headquarters because of a paranoid fear of wilderness Justice. 

The couple has a 2 years of age girl while Faith Okiemute has 2 youngsters from her first marriage. 

The following are exercises ladies ought to gain from this stunning story: 

Ladies, please it isn't right to assault your better half, regardless of how irate you are. Their are numerous was to communicate your displeasure than going savage. You can keep him from your body as a method of rebuffing him, however assaulting him is hazardous. 

Ladies, if it's not too much trouble, regardless of how irate you are, try not to utilize a weapon or any article so far as that is concerned, on your significant other. It is smarter to leave the climate promptly, on the off chance that you realize that you can't handle yourself. In the event that Faith Okiemute had the option to control herself, her significant other could've still been alive, and she wouldn't be in the difficult she is currently. 

3. Dear ladies, regardless of what a man does, slaughtering him isn't the most ideal alternative. Regardless of whether through toxic substance, or utilizing a sharp item, you will just place yourself in profound issue, which you may lament as long as you can remember. Presently, that Faith Okiemute has murdered her significant other, the issue is not, at this point that he occupied with extramarital undertakings, the issue currently is that Faith Okiemute executed her better half. 

Their is no legitimization for homicide. We should all discover approaches to determine issues with our companions, instead of battling and executing one another. 

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