Singer Wahu Kagwi and Nameless are expecting their third baby

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Nameless and Wahu are known to be the best leading celebrity couple.They are known to be one of the strongest couple with no scandals.Soon, they'll be celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary "enyewe mapenzi ni ya wachache" Lately,the two have been trending online.In a latest post a fun claimed that"Nameless anapenda kuchomea Wahu" This was after Nameless posted his pictures with Wahu while commenting on her "kisogo" he said"hebu leta kisogo unique hapa nikuonyeshe mapenzi DEEP..."eeeeish!!! "mapenzi iko"

Nameless and his wife Wahu Kagwi have announced that they are expecting their third child together. The couple announced this earlier today in their social media platforms. Even before putting the video Wahu announced that she had a special announcement to tell her funs .She posted this"I'm about to make a special announcement, I'm excited,overjoyed,humbled,yet anxious about it"

Today the two have launched a new album "Deep" which highlights on honeymoon and a stage of love this was after which they decided to make everything public.

Nameless also mentioned the arrival of their third child saying "meanwhile at the mathengez....look out?BABY BUMP ahead,don't blame the cold weather. Its about time "tukaongezee"...Kazi iendelee ama."

Below are some of their funs reactions.

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