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Cyril Ramaphosa has requested a meeting with the National Corona virus Command Council for Wednesday the 8th Of December.

Based on previous days, the national address is held on the day that president holds a meeting with the National Corona virus Command Council.

The meeting is scheduled for today, and this means that the meeting will discuss the developments of Corona virus in the country.

The meeting will evaluate the best way forward with coronavirus as well as the best ways to combat the virus.

It will also look at potential threats that are caused by the current lockdown level. And the best level to ensure that the economy is still able to thrive under.

Based on tge current statistics of coronavirus, the country might be taken to a strict lockdown in order to keep the numbers under control.

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Source : Source : https://twitter.com/City_Press/status/1467206810444652547?t=jWDCnk3kZh4tAUAEqf9xDg&s=19

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