13 Vehicles Involved In A Terrifying Pile Up Accident On The N1

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Thirteen vehicles, including a truck that jack knifed, are involved in a mass collision on the N1 inbound outside Cape Town. The accident happened just before the Plattekloof off-ramp on the highway. The N1 was initially closed but has now been opened with traffic officials redirecting traffic around the chaos at a very slow pace. Motorists urged to use other roads into the Mother City, as well.

That section of road is a nightmare outbound against that hill, especially when you have three trucks next to one another and no one passes anyone. 3 mins driving like that and you have a 10km traffic build up behind them, the officials should dedicate one lane only to trucks. If they exit that lane, fine them!

People must stop blaming the truck drivers but should realize that the braking distance of a truck is different to a car, You can't just cut infront of a truck and expect it to brake just in time. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger distance it needs to stop, but when people see a gap infront of the truck they just take it, not realizing it needs that space infront to brake!

These trucks are a danger on the roads & need a dedicated lane & they should not be on the roads during peak hours, they drive these trucks at high speeds & can't stop in time if they need to. Why is Traffic not addressing this instead of issuing fines for not displaying number plates & placing fake cameras in Sea Point, it is a tragedy. Horse & trailers parked from Beach Road Woodstock lower Main Road all the way to Voortrekker Road Maitland to load containers taking up an entire lane of the main road daily, not one traffic official in sight. Why is this allowed? Another tragedy waiting to happen.



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