“Hearts of Oak Are Still a Dangerous Side” - Bechem United Coach

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Bechem United Head Coach, Kassim Mingle, has cautioned his players and technical on the FA Cup clash against Accra Hearts of Oak on Sunday at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

Mingle, who achieved the 4th spot on the league in the club’s history for the first time has successfully spearheaded his side’s FA Cup final and thus cautioning his team to debunk negative perception of their opponent recent poor run as they sought for glory in the FA Cup.

“Don’t rely on their latest results to judge them. Football is not easy, is a game of uncertainty. So you can’t say, latest the way they play, they’ve been achieving such results you can walk over them, no”.

They got to some place they saw they cannot win or even play second or third in the league, so they started concentrating on the FA Cup. 

So they prepared very well, so we can’t rely on their latest results and judge them.

Tactically, we played with them both home and away, we’ve seen their strength and their weakness so we train to counter their strength and explore their weakness to our advantage”, he noted.

“Is going to be a very tough game but at the end of the day, we are going to carry the day”.

Bechem United finished 4th on the league whilst Hearts of Oak, 6th on the league in the 2021/2022 Ghana Premier League season.

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