Zimbabwe government urges its citizens in South Africa to come back home

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Despite having high unemployment levels that have spiralled out of control. The Zimbabwean government had urged it's citizens who are based in South Africa to come back home. 

This comes after week after the South African government announced that they would not be renewing the Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP).

ZSPs were introduced by the South African government a few years back to regularize the stay of Zimbabweans across the Limpopo.  

But in a show of solidarity, South Africans held protest marches putting pressure on their government not to renew the permits. 

The permits expire on 31 December but Zimbabweans have been given a grace period of one year to regularize their stay in South Africa. 

"It is the Embassy's expectation that this decision will be implemented with the minimum of disruption to the lives and livelihoods of the affected individuals and their families."

Zimbabweans and other foreign nationals based in South Africa have constantly faced the unfortunate flushing out by locals. 


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