If You Are Invited To This Company For Work, Do Not Go There. Here's Why.

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If You Are Invited To This Company For Work, Do Not Go There. Here's Why. 

Social media has been hot today after an anonymous account exposed a guy called Vuyo Jack for pimping young boys and girls. Furtheremore, a guy named Human Recede was also exposed for being a racist. Human happens to be the same guy who was caught cheating on twitter a few days ago. 

Vuyo Jack is a South African businessman who allegedly lure in young boys and girls and pimp them out to rich people in the sport and entertainment industry who are not really known. 

The anonymous account by the name of @humanrecede truth, shared that Vuyo Jack lures in these young people by giving them money, buying them cars and other expensive things. He tells them that they will work for him in his company called Empowerdex. 

Empowerdex indeed has a presence online and seems like an existing company. It is not clear if Vuyo Jack is using the company's name to lure these young people or there could really be a connection. 

People should however note that if they know someone who says they will give them a job at Empowerdex they should run as far as they can as they could end up getting pimped by those people inviting them. Ladies be careful of anyone who can say they want to bless you as this could end up getting you pimped and being in a risk for getting STDs. 

Source: information on the story can be found on twitter. https://www.empowerdex.com/

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