KPLC Announces a Long Electricity Blackout on Monday, July 12, Check if You Will be Affected


The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has set an outage on Monday, July 12 in order to facilitate various power related activities such as repairing the national grid system, carrying out network maintenance as well as installation of power to new customers.

These activities make the Kenya Power to shutdown electricity at the substations so that the company's engineers can work on the as areas that need to be operated on.

The set outage by KPLC will affect majority of the stated areas from morning to evening hence disrupting businesses for very many hours. In most cases, some of the businesses use petroleum generators as the alternative source of power during outages. This is however very expensive hence leading to huge losses.

However in some special cases, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company usually carry out network maintenance without interrupting the supply of electricity. During such instances a special Kenya Power team is usually deployed in areas that require repairs and they carry the network maintenance without cutting the supply of electricity. This helps to avoid disruption of business operations in the affected areas. During such an instance, the Kenya Power engineers working on the power grid system use special equipment which helps in operating on live lines. 

Tomorrow, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company is expected to shutdown the supply of electricity in several areas and this requires the Kenya Power customers to get ready for maintenance blackouts since the Kenya Power officials will interrupt electricity during the operation.

The scheduled power outage will affect the people living in the following areas.


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