Two Political Parties Which Will Be Dissolved To Join UDA Before 2022 Polls


Formation of political coalitions is one of the best way of defeating the opponent especially in the top seat. This is because the coalitions bring together supporters of different politicians and when they vote for one person, it becomes easy to get more votes than the others who are working alone.

As 2022 general election approaches, several politicians are building friendship with others with the aim of working together. President Uhuru Kenyatta is working closely with Raila Odinga and William Ruto has brought together several legislatures and other politicians to support him in his bid for the presidential seat.

After breaking up with president Uhuru Kenyatta, Ruto and his allies formed the United Democratic Alliance party which they are using to field candidates in any political polls under the hustler nation. UDA is not the only party under the hustler nation but there are others but UDA is the major among all.

These parties include PEP of Moses Kuria and TSP of hon Kiunjuri. The two parties might be broken to form one national party to represent the hustler nation. This coalition of these parties will be fielding candidates without competing with each other within the hustler nation.

The two parties might dissolve and join UDA which will be their national party. UDA is the fastest growing party among those within hustler nation umbrella. Moses Kuria and Kiunjuri will be having a big share in Ruto's government if he gets the win in the election.