“He Threw The First Stone”, Pic Of Alleged Police Officer Who Joined The Demo To Cause Chaos Pops Up

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Violence all over as the first day of the Arise Ghana demo has come to a sad end leaving many injured after a clash between the protestors and the police service. There has been series of comments indicating that, the police service had some of their members who dressed like demonstrators to join the demo.

It has been established that, these police officers were there as demonstrators just to cause mayhem and one of them have been figured out in a picture circulating all over on social media.

Reporting from Ghana crime via twitter is a picture shared of which the alleged police officer who started to pelt stones at his colleagues has been figured out. The alleged police officer was seen dressed in the protestor’s outfit as prescribed laughing and loitering around and inside the police post with colleagues.

Leaders of arise Ghana demo have proposed to the police to arrest him but they neglected the proposal and called for reinforcement. The actions of the police service has left many Ghanaians if the police is under any political influence for they should stand on neutral grounds for which we are not seeing.

Below are some of the reactions of some citizens I gathered following the post made above via twitter:

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SOURCE: Ghana Crime/ twitter.com

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