BBNaija: Did Whitemoney Make The Wrong Decision By Choosing Queen As Deputy HOH?

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Big Brother Naija reality show is one of the most talked-about reality shows in Africa. The show started in 2006 but resumed again in the year 2017 with its 6th season currently ongoing. The show brings in at least twenty housemates who battle to win the grand prize and some other consolidation prizes.

Whitemoney and Queen are both housemates of this current season of the show. For some people, Whitemoney and Queen are strong contenders and have high chances of getting to the final. While this might be the case, Whitemoney may have made the wrong decision by choosing Queen as his deputy.

Yesterday, Whitemoney won the Head of House game for the very first time, and as a normal thing in the house, he was asked to appoint a deputy with whom he would share the Head of House responsibilities. Whitemoney chose Queen as his deputy and when he was asked why? He revealed that he did not want to hurt her by choosing someone else considering their bond and the fact that Queen is quite emotional.

The game is still on and becoming quite tensed with some housemates up for eviction this week except Whitemoney, Queen, and a few others. Now the question is, did Whitemoney make the wrong decision by choosing Queen?

I think he would have made a better decision if he chose someone else. This would have made his fans more focused on voting him alone rather than considering sharing votes between him and maybe Queen.

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