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Kevin Taylor seems to be "attacking" almost every person with government position in the country.

Kevin Taylor has been hitting hard on the IGP for the past few weeks. Kevin Taylor believes that the IGP knows the person that murdered J. B. Danquah.

Kevin Taylor added that Kennedy Agyapong once made it cleat that Akuffo Dampare knows the killer of JB Danquah. He believes that this has made the IGP very quiet these days.

Kevin Taylor is also urging IGP Akuffo Dampare to stop attending almost every program in the country and answer a question he has been asking him for weeks. He wants IGP to answer him on whether he knows the killer of JB Danquah or not.

He believes that the IGP has been very quiet about this issue about JB Danquah. "Silence means concern" is the belief of Kevin Taylor now.

This comes after IGP was spotted at the accident scene in Bogoso together with the Vice President and the other ministers. Kevin Taylor believes that, the IGP always wants to show himself to the public that he is really working but that is not the case.

He added that the IGP should focus on his field and allow other people and agency to do their work.

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