ONLINE Jobs Which Are Legit And Really pay In KENYA And Approved By The Kenyan Government


Number one: opera News hub. This has basically been neglected by many but It is marked as the number one online jobs Kenyan youths are taking path to.It involves writing and publishing or real time articles I the largest browser Opera Mini.

When an article is published the user just smiles as clicks and reach grow all the way to the bank.

It has been approved by the KRA and much of users are required.

Number two: YouTube.

It is with no doubt that YouTube has been paying and still paying awesomely in the county. YouTube has provided a platform for anyone with a channel to showcase his or her talent in exchange for money. Celebrities likes of Jalango, njugush, The prince of Mwihoko hon Desagu and the Renowned TV news anchor Betty Kyalo are a but a few people reaping big from YouTube.

Number three: stock and currency trading (FOREX).

Alot of money is in stock market with no doubts. The trading platforms have been passed and agreed by the Kenyan Government to conduct business in kenya since its youths are fully benefiting and uplift the GDP of the county to a bigger margin.

It is by stock exchange that lots of youths can finance their studies abroad and as well cater for their parents back home.

Number four: Online Marketing and Branding. No business can thrive with lack of online marketing. Instagram has largely provided a way for bloggers to advertise their stories at they promote people business and obvious for a good pay.

And by that alot of kenya youth have venture into the business since the fruits can be well seen and noticed.

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