Speculations As An OKA MP Attends Ruto's Rally In Bungoma County And Speaks To The Crowd

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Deputy President William Ruto held a rally in Sirisia Constituency, Bungoma County on Friday to gather support for his bottom-up economic model.

He was joined at the rally by several leaders who spoke to the crowd and campaigned for the UDA party.

The disturbing thing, though, is that One Kenya Alliance MP Majimbo Kalasinga, who was recently elected on a Ford Kenya party ticket, attended the rally and spoke to the crowd.

Majimbo stated in his statement that the Western Region has taken one crucial decision: they will not work with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

He also disclosed in his address that the Deputy President helped him when he ran for the Kabuchai Parliamentary seat.

He claimed that despite the fact that he was contending for a Ford Kenya ticket, the Dp provided him with the backing that ensured his victory.

Given that he is a member of Ford Kenya, it would be assumed that he would campaign for the agenda of the One Kenya alliance, of which his party leader Moses Wetangula is a co-principal.

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