She left me after I gave her money for her surgery. Man cries bitterly after sad heartbreak. Sad😭


How can people become so wicked and inhumane? Actually, I don't want to say "women are wicked" because not all women are the same.

Now let me get back to the reason why am saying this.

I had a girlfriend which we dated for quiet long. I would say we loved each since childhood. And currently am college, in my third year. 

People closed to us nearly saw how much we loved each other and sometimes telling us they can't wait to attend our wedding.

This girl never liked my friends which she is also friends with (we all attended the same JHS school). Made me distance myself from all these people both males and females.

I can recount many times how this complains pains in her upper updomen. In fact, you can feel a hard tumour when you rub your hand on her lower stomach. 

This made her had lot of complains during sex saying how painful the act is. 

She then told me it is fibroid. Fibroid? Wow, I did a good research on that and saw how this can have effect on her. As a good guy, I sent her money several times to get rid of it as I was in school after she told me her doctor told her she has to do surgery. 

I remember she told me she has done it and she was only given medicine to cure it and the cost was 600 cedis. 

This same girl was having a tumour in her breast growing each time which I believed it was a breast cancer. I also felt how good to help this guy treat it as early as possible to prevent any future damage. 

But surprisingly, this girl was always thinking of how to get a new iPhone, buy new clothes etc which made me stopped thinking of helping her because she herself is not ready to get rid of that. Even before this, I have given her about 400 cedis to get at least a first aid to at least reduce the pains she complains and when we get the money (which she tells me she gave it to a friend who wanted money for other things), we do the surgery and takes it off. There has been countless times she has also refused to go for a checkup.

The heartbreak

Now, still in college, this girl called me and asked for a breakup. 

She talked of how poor I am and the ability to not buy and wear these classy clothes, not buying these iPhones and besides am too quiet, and do lots of church things. Eiii! Not knowing she was going to date her Junior in SHS who was a barber.

This is how a friend narrated his love story to me and I decided to share it here. Since then, his perception on women has changed, he has no love to help.

Now, can you share with us also?

What led to your breakup in your relationship? 

What did he/she tell you was the reason? Let's have the conversation continuing