Exclusive: Interesting Things About Abena Korkor You Probably Didn't Know


Social media sensation and former TV3 presenter, Abena Korkor has once again made it to the social media trends with her latest tall list of high profile Ghanaian men who have had a romantic affair with her.

In a live Instagram video, she disclosed to the world her romantic escapades with Lexis Bill, Kojo Yankson (both of Joy FM), Sammi Awuku, KOD, Eugene of Nkonkonsa blog fame and other men. She also named Nana Aba Anamoah and Lydia Forson as having a romantic affair with Kojo Yankson. Usual of her, she makes these allegations and tops the social media trends for days. In the latest video she admits of having a relapse and displays her drugs for the world to see.

Apart from that we have all heard her say, there are certain interesting facts about her you probably didn't know and we bring them to you in this article.

News gathered by Abiekunews reveals that she was defiled at age 5 by a 13-year old neighbor.

She attended Aburi Girls Senior High School and then to University of Cape Coast. At UCC, she was a student activist and made an attempt to contest for the highest student's office on campus which is the SRC Presidency.

Her first mental relapse was on the UCC campus where she was a very brilliant and intelligent girl.

She was jailed in New York for 18 months for trafficking heroine to pay for her Ukraine medical school admission because the boss at the scholarship office allegedly wanted to engage her on a romantic route.

Due to condition, she has not been able to hold down any job. Her recent dismissal was from TV3. According to her, she she has lost true friends and the love of his life.

On her normal days she is a great person, reserved and very intelligent.

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