What Couples can learn from Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip 73rd wedding anniversary

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Married in 1947, the Queen was a 21 year old princess when she married lieutenant Philip on 20th November 1947. Yesterday was exactly 73 years of their marriage, the couples have come a very long way. As we know Queen rules England and her husband can't be called a king because it is the Queen that comes from the ruling royal family. Even at that Prince Philip is the duke of Edingburg.

There is great lesson in this relationship. At the age when the Queen married some ladies still see theirself as being in their prime and not ready to restrict their freedom all in the name of marriage. Truth be told, a 21 year old lady in present day Nigeria will likely be in the university or has freshly graduated. Marrying at an early age like this is very beneficial but some people may not be aware of this.

One of the benefits is that all things been equal you give birth to your children early and avoid the risk of pregnancy and birth complications which sometimes occur in women that give birth at ages above 35 years.

In addition to this you become a grandmother early enough, is that not sweet enough? your chances of seeing your grand children is a bit higher.

Marrying at the age which the queen did reduces fornication or adultery although not in all cases. For a serious minded woman who is commited to her husband she has no business with any other man so far her husband satisfies her in all possible ways. Look at the promiscuous ones today they are ladies and guys above 18 years and see theirself as young. They feel they need to enjoy life before a man will come and acquire the remnants lols.

The most important moral in the relationship between the Queen and Prince Philip is about submissiveness and understanding. She did not see herself as a ruler and misbehave to her husband, if not the marriage could have ended, there have being the highest level of understanding for the union to last this long. Marriages nowadays dont last up to a decade just because of domestic violence, insecurity on the side of the husband, maybe the wife is famous, rich and in position of power like the subject of this article. Some couples have part ways because of lack of understanding and trust.

The Queen married at a young age, Prince Philip was just five years older. He was 26 years then and both of them have being able to maintain the marriage, that is the maturity some couples who married at 30 years and above do not possess today.

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