'This Is What A Store Owner Woke Up To

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A spaza shop in Eastbank, Springbok Crescent was broken into in the morning, this happened while the security guard slept inside to protect the place. The employee as seen on the pics, Hakeem Robinson was hit three times with a hammer on both legs by the robbers.

A case has been opened with Alexandra Police, anyone with information that could lead to the suspects' arrests is urged to come forward.

Robberies in that part of the area are becoming increasingly concerning for the ordinary members of the public because there are quite a few days, where you don’t find incidences that have happened in the previous night and it has become a concern for the people who live in those areas.

The perpetrators of crimes are clearly heartless and it’s funny that the ordinary members of the public have mercy for them whenever they are captured, but from the looks of this their viciousness is really a cause for concern and the ordinary members of the public have to come together in order to get as many perpetrators of crimes arrested as possible.


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