Skeem Saam: Alfios playing with his enemy minds, pretending he recalls what happens. Not to miss Out

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The monster in Alfios comes out, stunning the Magongwa couple. He nailed it by imagining, it looks so genuine. He was recalling everything from the beginning, he was simply playing with their brains. Alfios had nailed it by imagining, it looks so genuine and many trusted him. Briefly I likewise thought he was lying until I see that his not lying yet he lost memory.

After last episode Alfios got Magongwa and Celia Kunutu talking about the cash which is because of them. Alfios began to recall an out what occurred in that bluff. Things are going to deteriorate for Magongwa and his significant other

Alfio shouldn't have say anything to them. He out to have been turned around and returned with the police. Presently he's giving those two to control and deceive him. Alfios didn't need to tell them but instead go directly to Babeile and let him know that now he has restored his memory. He ought to have let him know how magongwa pushed you.

Alfios should make those two lovebirds pay for the hellfire how they treated him. They should give up that business to him, entire of it or then again if they dont, send them to imprison. We need see him rich, I wana see yo fantasy about falling in luv with Glenda satisfied. Magongwa will go off the deep end when he at long last defy him that he has gain his memory. After all that he has done he should be ruined.

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