Chuka University Female Student Dies After Jumping from Seventh Floor


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Clouds of sadness have gathered around Chuka University as a female student commits suicide by jumping from seventh floor. The motive behind of the act is still unknown.

Chuka University students have blamed the institution for not providing an ambulance at the right time to the save the lady. Instead, a car came 30 minutes late after the incident had happened.

Additionally, they have protected the guidance and counselling team over the incident. Instead, they have requested their fellow comrades to speak out when they have issues that need attention.

Here are student reactions;

"I once passed through this, you never know what she had gone through, it is sad in deed," said Syoumbua Lynn.

"It is difficult to identify a depressed person, so we can't blame administration for this," said Nyogodo Cavin.

"Sad but its time we stop blaming the school for everything we are also accountable for welfare of our friends," said Theophilus Kemboi.

"Kindly don't blame the guiding and counselling team if people are not able to open up and speak their issues," said Linda Mayabi.

Lets send our condolences to the family in the comment section below👇

Rest in peace comrade.


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