The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

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Do you like travelling across the continents either Africa, Asia ,Europe, Australia or America. Some of the countries in the world are dangerous to settle, invest or go on vacations due to peace issues. These maybe due to numerous terrorist attacks, political differences in the country and also religious differences. According to the research by international SOS. The following countries have been assessed as carrying an 'extreme travel security risk according to global peace index report.

1. Afghanistan

This is the most dangerous country in the world with a score of 3.574. It has remained in these position from 2020. These country has high number of deaths from war terrorism.

2. Yemen

This country according to the United Nations has high humanitarian crisis. The ongoing over 5 year conflicts have led to death of many people and other run to neighbouring countries. Most of its citizens are desperate in need of humanitarian assistance.

3. Syria

This is the third world dangerous country this is caused by civil wars since march 2011. Most of citizens have fled Syria to settle in other countries.

4. South sudan

This is a country in Eastern Africa the peace in this country has been undermined by civil unrest, widespread violent crime including robberies, assaults, car jacking and kidnapp. These problems are caused by conflicts between the government and opposition groups.

5. Iraq

These country has internal and external conflicts like terrorist attacks. ISIS terrorists attack, capture and kill civilians.

Other countries with low state of peace include; sudan, Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Central Africa Republic, Libya and Democratic Republic Of Congo.

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