Uzalo: Shlobo's want their Money to Nosipho and pastor Gwala see Why

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Nosipho refuses to pay Shlobos R8000 for the trip, because Nosipho and pastor Gwala were thinking that the trip was free,so they were surprised when Shlobos give them a bill of R8000, Pastor Gwala and Nosipho were thinking that Shlobos thank them for the idea that they gave them for their business.

So Shlobos will never stop because they want their Money,and Nosipho will refuse to pay Shlobos their money because they owned her money and they didn't pay, remember the mashonisa increases interest in you not pay on time, according to Nosipho Shlobos owe her a lot of money and she will never pay them.

The only person who can pay Shlobos is pastor Gwala because he has no reason to give them of they want their Money, the problem of Shlobos is that they never make agreement with their clients before the trip, that is why they were thinking that is free.

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