Sithelo Shozi shares details of alleged abuse at the hands of Andile Mpisane

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Sithelo shozi is finally speaking up. Sithelo shares 2 children with Andile Mpisane who happens to be the son of wealthy business woman Shauwn Mkhize.

Sithelo claims that she would be beaten to a pulp then showered with luxurious gifts after the ordeal as way of buying her silence. One of those beatings resulted in a miscarriage. Sithelo also claims that Andile's family and friends witnessed this and did nothing .

Sithelo also left a hint that she is yet to expose Andile's family for their facade and the secrets they keep hidden from the world. This has indeed been an interesting turn of events with mixed reactions from people.

Sithelo also realesed a voice recording in which Andile can be heard belittling her and making claims that Sithelo is nothing without him and his money.

She is literally being threatened in the voice recordings and on text. I actually think this is a cry for help because she no longer feels safe. This is so messy and entangled. The lives of the rich are not so glossy as they paint it on social media. Most baby mama's are accused of being bitter when they speak out, however this case Sithelo has evidence to back up her claims.

SOURCE- Twitter

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