In Shock | People Left Stunned By A Man With Abnormally Large Muscles | See How They Are Responding

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There is a video that is currently trending on Twitter, the video shows an unknown man walking through a mall at an unknown location, the man is seen wearing a vest and showing off his muscles that are clearly abnormally very large.

However, apparently the man's muscles are not natural muscles that were achieved through exercise, but according to what some people are saying, the man in the video could possibly be using 'steroids' or he could have had 'synthetic synthol' injections in order to look like that.

The video has caught the attention of countless South Africans on Twitter, and this is how some people are responding to the video...

"This is synthetic synthol that he injects soon he will will need to amputate those arms cause they full of that substance which is harmful and these no muscle there by the way.

You can read up about this mess."

"How do you even scratch your back if is itching you ?"

"Steroid for breakfast 😂😂😂"

"This has messed up even his bones because of anabolic steroids. Look at his walk. Let alone his heart."

"He forgot about the legs. Now he looms like he has a disability"

"Fake muscles. They inject themselves with oil. Synthetic"

"This guy injected those fluids in his arms...thats not normal"

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