No One Can Shoot Down an Asteroid


You can't Shoot Down an Asteroid

hello my another Morning session of degradation reading articles so what do we have here, Elon musk has launched a new rocket into space and space has launched a meteor back at elon musk.

My relax you don't even know what a meteor is a meteor is a large celestial body of cosmic origin their mass ranges from a few grams to

thousands of tons, and don't be scared there's only one case of a meteor strike hitting a person in history in 1954 and even then it just hit somebody in their leg.

It seems like somebody's volunteering to save the planet and he's just bursting with enthusiasm it looks like this episode will be the shortest ever, and have a happy end ah no never mind same old same old seems like our planet is about to be destroyed, or maybe there's another savior could it be my excellent we'll pick an outfit for you so this one is a no definitely not this one no not that one.

Now this one this is what you need although we could just copy what project dart from space did it's planned that in 2022, a spacecraft weighing 500 kilograms will ram into an asteroid named didymos, at a speed of six kilometers per second the autopilot hasn't been installed yet so you're gonna have to fly manually and become a hero oh wow arnold you survived pretty much like. All the other lowest forms of life like microbes, but now there is a small issue with water after a meteor 100 kilometers in diameter hit the earth.

The shock wave destroyed almost all life within a radius of a hundred thousand square kilometers, there was a huge release of sulfur and dust and ash from all the destruction rose into the upper atmosphere and blocked access from the sun's rays, you must be hungry it's good that you kept your space food in the rocket there wasn't any food that's terrible because there's no food left on earth.

It's good that you're in a spacesuit. Since it's minus 50 degrees outside and you don't want to walk here for very long watch out I forgot to add that cockroaches have, also survived and they've mutated just a wee little bit you better run to infinity and beyond my how in blazes did you get yourself into such a state.

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