6 Health Conditions That Can Worsen When You Stretch

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Stretching is part of the reflex actions our bodies perform to ease stress and muscle pain. According to Healthline, certain health conditions won't allow you to stretch even when you wake up in the morning.

If you stretch under these conditions, it will worsen the situation or prevent a quick recovery. The following are health conditions that forbid people from stretching:

1. If you have an acute or chronic injury, particularly around your abdominal region, doctors will advise you to avoid stretching. This usually happens to people who have recently undergone surgery. Your surgical openings have not healed completely, both internally and externally.

If you stretch, the muscles connected to your wound can break and worsen the condition. If you have recently had a cesarean section or removal of the appendix, please avoid stretching.

2. If you have abdominal soreness such as an ulcer, this means the lining of your stomach or esophagus has been damaged. Stretching may cause more internal damage, especially when it involves the contraction of your stomach. If you are treating an ulcer, it's best to avoid stretching.

3. If you have any physical challenge that won't allow you to fully stretch your muscles, it's best to avoid stretching until you completely treat this condition.

4. If you have recently engaged in strenuous physical exercise such as muscle building, you don't need to bother stretching those particular muscles you just built. You should allow your muscles to relax. Otherwise, you will be overdoing it.

5. If you experience some kind of unknown pain anywhere on your body whenever you stretch, it's best to stop stretching and see your doctor. Explain to them about your condition.

6. Whenever you are in very cold weather, your muscles tend to become cold and inelastic. You should avoid stretching if you have not warmed up by jogging or doing something that will make you sweat a little.

You should first warm up your muscles before stretching them so that they can be elastic enough to reach acceptable limits.

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