“Capitec Users Are Stingy”- Mzanzi Reacts After Noticing this On a Capitec User Card

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Capitec is the leading digital bank in South Africa, with more than 6.9 million digital banking customers. You may perform transactions, store money, and apply for loans from the comfort of your own home using our new banking system, Global One. 

Capitec is one of the most often used financial institutions in Mzanzi. Many people, particularly students, choose it since, according to them, its fees are lower than those charged by other financial institutions. One thing that Capitec users are fully aware of is that they are always on a saving plan when using the software. They will never withdraw money from other ATMs, regardless of how long the wait is at the Capitec ATM. Just a week ago, a popular photo showing Capitec users standing in a large line at a Capitec ATM while there was an empty ATM next to them was doing the rounds. They are, in fact, devoted to their financial institution. 

It's a known fact among bank customers that when it comes to replace their old cards, they will pull their socks up. You will come across people who are using an old, damaged credit card simply because they do not want to pay the expenses associated with creating a new card. Instead, they'd prefer to utilize an old, broken playing card. 

Following that, another Capitec employee made people laugh when they realized that his card was half destroyed but refused to replace it because he didn't want to pay to have it repaired. There is a video that is currently viral on social media that was shot by someone who was sitting next to him on the phone. Even the cashiers were taken aback by the type of credit card this individual was using. Take a look at the video below: 


Many people were left in stitches after this video was shared on social media. Some even stated that their cards were damaged as well, but that they did not wish to replace them due to the high cost of doing so. Indeed, it is impossible to divorce Capitec users from their savings. They even encourage one another, claiming that the only thing that matters is the chip. Some people were even astonished because these black cards were only launched a short time ago, but this individual has already proven that they are ineffective. The following are some of the comments made on social media. 




Making a new card should be completely free for the first three times because no one will purposefully ruin their card. I don't see anything incorrect with the gentleman's identification card. It doesn't matter how long it takes to ship as long as it does.

Source: https://twitter.com/jah_vinny_23/status/1487056646551519233?s=21

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