Date My Family: 1 Thing Viewers Noticed About The Guy On Tonight's Episode

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Tonight's date was a 24 year old guy called Tawanda. Viewers were not impressed with the guy's arrogance. He was mostly rude to all the families he visited.

In the first family that he visited, he complained about a lady's shoe size, and said a lady should not wear a size 6. He then continued to be rude, and didn't want to answer some easiest questions.

In the second family, the moment they told him that she had a baby, and he said it would be a problem, then told the family that he was leaving immediately after responding to that.

With the last family, he said the food wasn't nicely cooked, and said whoever cooked did a terrible job. He ended up taking/ picking the lady from the first family. The date didn't go well because they didn't understand each other based on the guy's actions. He touched her friend, and when she told him not to do that ever again, going around touching people without consent. He didn't seem to understand what she was saying, and she told him she can't be with someone like that

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