Video: A Poor Widow Meets Her Blessings As She Receives A Surprise From Kessben Group Of Companies


An old woman who is known to be a widow and a poor person at the same time has met her blessings through Kesben.

The old woman was finding difficulties in getting food to eat, water to drink, cloths and many other things needed for human survival.

In addition to her needs, she also had no place to call a home. She lives around people's kiosks and structures.

Her husband died so many years ago. She hails from a poor family. She had no relatives close to her who can at least support her in certain things. But she has managed to pass through all these pains for the past years.

Today, she woke up this morning only to meet her blessings right at her doorstep as she saw the presence of Kessben group of companies. Their mission there was to inform her about the new house they have built for her.

This was captured in a live video shown on Kesben tv.

Below is the photo of the house Kesben group of companies have built for the old widow.

Attached to it is a video below.


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