How Jubilee Party Is Losing Grassroot Support In Most Of His Strongholds- Opinion


It is clear and evident that the ruling party is losing its influence across the country.More so in it's strongholds. 

A new trend has been witnessed just after the UDA party won Kiambaa by elections.Kiambaa being the stronghold for Uhuru, it was shameful for his candidate to lose . 

Therefore,most leader have lost faith to the party as it has started to lose support.The recent vocal Jubilee party members have made a drastic U - turn and promised to work with Ruto's team.

Jubilee deputy SG and Laikipia women representative have said that they will join UDA.Kutuny said that he is in Jubilee temporarily but when the right time come he will go back to his people's choice.He said that the elders of his community have urged him not to go against the will of his constituents.

In conclusion, the Jubilee house is gradually dying because there are more fall out . Therefore, the president is supposed to take fast actions to control the party