Government Issues the Following Update to Those Who Have Received Huduma Namba Messages


President Uhuru Kenyatta's government has urged Kenyans to respond promptly to messages telling them about their Huduma Namba updates.

Through the committee that has been tasked to ensure Kenyans get registered, the government has noted that there is a very huge backlog of Huduma Namba cards without delivery points.

Ms Makori, one of the trainer's has noted that Kenyans have a tendency of waiting until the last minute whenever there is such a national exercise.

“Now that we have officially launched the exercise countrywide and subsequently trained our officers who will be charged with handling and issuing the cards, what will follow is an SMS on your phone. Kindly respond to it,” Ms Makori said.

This comes at a time when a majority of the Kenyans have received messages telling them about where they should collect their already processed Huduma Namba cards.

Kenya is expected to officially shift from the old Identification Documents which are being faced out after the rolling out of the Huduma Namba cards.


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