Check out the only girl in the world with 'Benjamin button' disease.

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The only girl in the world with Benjamin button disease.

A four year old girl from Leicester. She was given the diagnosis on the October after she was born called "mandibuloacral Dysplasia". The mutation the doctors saw was never seen before. The doctors were no able to give any answers to her condition. All they could tell the parents is it affects bone growth and premature aging of major organs like heart, kidneys. The parents were told she cold be a risk of stroke at age 7 . Again, they were told she could be the only in the world to have that disease and they have no one to compare with. There's no one like Isla says her mum.

She cannot take in food through her mouth so food is passed through tubes for her. Her parents have employed a number of specialists the help Isla's life to make her life comfortable as much as possible. The only thing her parents are worried about is that, is it going to affect her life expectancies? With they live their lifes to the fullest because they don't know what's going to happen next. According her parents, Isla has brought changes in their lives and also made them popular on tick tock.

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