Geoffrey The Husband Of Late KBC Journalist Betty, Promise His Late Wife The Following


Criminals are making many people to life in fear. They commit different crimes and even kill innocent people after committing crimes. Normally they have different and dangerous weapons such as AK-47 rifles. These criminals are very dangerous to society and some of them are young youths who use shortcuts to make money. It was so sad when it was reported that KBC journalist was killed by criminals. Betty was killed in her house and she was laid to rest yesterday. It was reported that the KBC journalist was shot on her head by criminals.Accordingly from the source, his husband promised his late wife Betty that he will take care and provide for their children. I quote "Betty my wife, I'm sorry you have to go this way. I will take care of children and sustain your life purpose. " Geoffrey said during mass at Montenzuma Monalisa Funeral Home in Nairobi. Geoffrey, now the single parent will have all the responsibility to take care of children. It is so sad and may God give him courage and guide him in this difficult time.

Let's us pray for the family and God will guide them in this period of hardness. My the soul of Betty rest in peace.

Let's us all condemn the incident and hope that Betty will get justice. The suspects should be arrested and jailed.

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