Nairobi's Feared Cop Hessy wa Dandora Sends a Chilling Warning to a Notorious City Thug

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Nairobi's Feared cop Hessy wa Dandora has sent a Chilling Warning to a Notorious Dandora thug who has been terrorizing Nairobi residents.

Taking to social media, Hessy said a young man has been terrorizing residents using a very sharp blade.

It has emerged that this rogue criminal has been cutting innocent kenyans on the face instilling fear, before robbing them dry.

According to Hessy the rogue thug now identified as Harrison Maina Waiharo had previously arrested by vops and even detained for such attacks.

Sadly after spending weeks at the reform center he back in the streets where he had been terrorizing innocent kenyans.

Hessy has urged him to change or else he faces the full wrath of the law.

This warning comes at the backdrop of increased number of criminal activities around the country.

A huge number of kenyans have lost their lives through the hands of these rogue criminals wjo have been robbing and even Killing at their own peril.

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