"This Is Indiscipline" These Couples Must Be Arrested For Disgracing Their Country (Opinion)

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Honeymoon is a relaxing destination where couples go to have fun and make plans for their first year together. Everything must be done in a happy manner when celebrating your honeymoon with your husband or wife, but not at the expense of your country. 

These two had a successful wedding, and after the wedding dinner and all, they decided where they wanted to spend their sweetest honeymoon, unaware that it would be somewhere no one expected.

The honeymoon season was commemorated on a muddy road, where it appears that the state's president or governor is arranging for the road's construction.

They rolled their bed into the muddy road, grinning and having a good time as if nothing was wrong. They have disgraced their family, the community in which they grew up, their church, the school they attended, the town in which they live, their country, and Africa as a whole, and they will be arrested to ensure that this does not happen again.

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