Requirements For Importation of Goods In Kenya

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The regulations for importing products into Kenya through the Kenya Port Authority are well discussed here.

In accordance with Section 34 of the EACCMA 2004, commodities for importation must be entered/declared within 21 days of the discharge.

When declaring an import in the customs system, the importer or clearing agency must include all mandatory information thus:

1. Clearing Agent

The importer must hire a licensed customs clearing agent, who is responsible for processing importation documentation in the customs system and assisting in the clearance of products on your behalf.

2 Duties & Taxes

The amount of tax due is determined by the value of the imported goods and the duty rate that applies under the various legislative documents listed below.

Duties on Imports

The East Africa Community Common External Tariff specifies import tax rates of 0%, 10%, and 25%.

Sensitive items are subject to a duty of more than 25%.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is charged at a standard rate of 16 percent.

VAT-free items are subject to a 0% tax rate.

Railway Development Levy and Import Declaration Fees

The Miscellaneous Fees and Levies Act of 2016 imposes a 2% import declaration charge and a 1.5 percent railway development levy on the value of imported goods.

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