I belong To The Street:Amber Finally Speaks Of On Her Youtube Channel

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I guess by now we all know of the stories between Amber and Her co-wife, Amira. Yesterday on her new YouTube channel, Amber decided to open up on what transpired on the night of Tuesday, in their Syokimau home, with her co-wife Amira.

Amber claims that she was attacked by her co-wife that night after she was from work, Machakos. The socialite revealed that immediately while trying to enter in, she saw a dead blackbird thrown at her gate by Amira which she claimed to be with witchcraft.

The proclaimed president of second wives, Amber, says she isn't sorry and she not going to be sorry to her Co wife for sharing their husband.

Speaking on the phrase "mtaachana tu" Amber addressed the issues saying that she lives for today. She doesn't know of tomorrow cause she has no control of the future.

"In case we break up, and I end up being single I will continue with my life, life has to continue," she said

In case she breaks up with Jamal that won't stop her life. Her life has to continue, pictures have to be posted both exposing pics and well dressed and dancing too.

What message do you have to both of the wives?

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