Why I Chose Him Above All Other Men


Growing up was a bit challenging since I was and still is the eldest sister among seven girls. 

It was a bit challenging because I realized all my siblings were looking up to me. Therefore when I messed up my life or fail in life, i will fail a whole generation.

So I was calculating my life very well with the main aim not to disappoint my sisters and my parents as well. 

Then it came a time in my life I felt like I need to get a life partner, a husband to be precise.

So as a believer, I started praying about it until suitors started approaching. 

The number of guys who were seriously in love with me and waiting patiently for me to accept their proposals were six. 

They were all gainfully employed and financially stable except my choice. He was a barber with no specific barbering shop. So issues of money was a difficult one,

Let me tell you 5 reasons why I chose him above all other guy.

1. He was good and matured Christian

 I am a christian and was looking for a spouse with same faith and even though the rest of the guys were christian too but they were verbal christians.

Their doings and choice of words that come from their mouth made me to see that they were not strong in faith like the barber. 

Finally I realized we share same faith and we believe in the Bible. So I knew we could be good couples and yes we are.

2. He was having visions 

In this world every matured woman seeks for a man who is more matured in mind than in other ways. So after hearing all my six 6 suitors I realized that all the other guys were boasting of the financial support they will give me but my choice was telling me of the plans and ideas that we can use to achieve a better life.

He was a man with no money but has a whole lot of ideas to make life good. So knowing who I am and getting a man of that that will do the trick, I chose him and ignored the rest.

3. He was truthful

Whilst the other five guys were giving bigger promises with liars, he told me every truth about him. He made me away we are going to strat life together because he has nothing.

Not to say I don't like men who are rich but I realized he is rich in disguised and I can help him achieve good life together.

4. He was faithful

One of the things I realized i have met the man am waiting for is his faithfulness.

I don't believe in meeting a man in bed before marriage. The other five guys although I never accepted their proposals were expressing some bad feelings and how to unleash them. 

But my choice was full of self control through out our three years of courtship until we married. This sign of faithfulness made me love and respect him more.

5. His relationship with sisters and mum

During our courtship we weren't living in the same city but whenever he comes home and we visit their family, I see the respect he accords his kid sisters and mum. This made me to love him more because I had been praying to God to give me a man of such attitude.

So I chose my love who is now my husband due to the above reasons. And I have never regretted marrying him. We are blessed and highly favored.

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