I feel Vindicated: I Anticipated The Outcome Of The Rulling - Abraham Amaliba Boldly Declares


The Head of the Legal Team of the NDC, Abraham Amaliba, has said that he feels vindicated because he had already anticipated the outcome of the high court ruling involving the citizenship of the Assin North Member of Parliament Joe Gyaakye Quayson.

Abraham Amaliba made this disclosure on the 'New Day' program on TV3 when he gave his opinion on the Cape Coast high rulings, which annuls the 2020 Parliamentary election for Assin North Constituency.

According to Abraham Amaliba, he told a lot of people what the ruling of the case would be like, judging from the demeanor of the presiding Judge. He believes those people will attest that he had already anticipated the outcome of this case.

"I feel vindicated, and I must also say that I anticipated the outcome of this ruling. It doesn't come to me as a shock, this is what I expected, and it has come to pass. The concerns I had for recusing myself from the case have metamorphosed into this judgment."

He indicated that the judgment by the High Court is an assault on the good people of Assin North. There were a lot of procedural errors that were committed by the judge in the case.

He said that whether a person owes allegiance to another country other than Ghana is a matter of interpretation. So, it is the supreme court that has the jurisdiction to do the interpretation of our constitutional provisions. It doesn't lie in the High Court to do that interpretation. 

So, they raised the issue that the High Court judge should refer the matter to the supreme court for interpretation, but he refused.

He added that this was supposed to be a good opportunity for the supreme court to make a pronouncement and interpret the difference between what is allegiance and what is a citizen.

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