Incredible Innovations By Kenyans On Our Roads That May Soon Overtake European Dominance


Kenyans have come up with some incredible and amazing innovations that will soon overtake European dominance on our highways.

While children from dynasty families were able to ride high-end toys, those from working families struggled to come up with their own ideas.

Village children created toys out of readily available materials such as wood, tree branches, plastics, and scrap metal.

Because they don't have motors to power them uphill, their innovations were only useful in sloppy conditions.

In the local automotive industry, some of these old-fashioned ideas are taking shape.Kenyans are modifying and building their own motorcycles out of what they can find.

Bungoma resident designed his motorcycle to resemble a helicopter recently.

Another one has emerged, this time a bike made entirely of wood with rubber and metal tires and rims alternately.The owner is seen doing a road test in a picture of the new "toy" that was shared.

The BJ series of Laikipia cars is another one that has already made a breakthrough.

A thousand miles begins with a single step, as the proverb goes. Kenyans will be far ahead in a few years if they continue to make such small steps.

Only by valuing technical vocational training colleges and receiving government assistance will this be possible.